Our Therapy Pool is undergoing physical therapy

Here in the Rocky Mountains surrounding Glenwood Hot Springs is the ancient practice of balneotherapy — using the minerals in thermal hot springs to improve health and wellness. 

Since 1888, guests at Glenwood Hot Springs have followed the Ute's footsteps (and wisdom) to our hot springs. Sourced from Yampah Spring, the 15 naturally occurring minerals in our springs surround you with their restorative properties. 

One of our most popular springs has been the Therapy Pool — delighting guests with its healing effects since 1960. 

Today, the Therapy Pool is getting some needed love, all designed to take our guest's relaxation to the next level — with new therapy jet chairs, power shower clusters for upper body massages, ADA ramp and more. 

While the Therapy Pool is being renovated, the Hanging Lake Pool is being temporarily turned into its replacement with geothermally heated water. 

1.  When will the Therapy Pool be available for guest use?

We anticipate the opening of the Therapy Pool to be in late-May.

2.  When will the Therapy Chairs and Power Showers be available for use?

Due to supply chain issues, we anticipate delivery and installation of the Therapy Chairs and Power Showers in the Summer or Late Fall.

We will continue to update guests with new feature release dates as we draw closer to the completion for each phase of development.

Glenwood Hot Springs Therapy Pool Rendering
Glenwood Hot Springs Therapy Pool Rendering 2
Hanging Lake Therapy Pool., West End.
Hanging Lake Therapy Pool Evening Lights
Hanging Lake Therapy Pool Location
Hanging Lake Therapy Pool Day Time

Why are you renovating the Therapy Pool?

The Therapy Pool has not had any significant work since the 1960’s. It is imperative that we address issue with aging and upgrades for your experience.

How long will construction take on the Therapy Pool?

We anticipate construction to be complete by the end of May. We will keep our guests updated as to specific dates as soon as they come available.

Will the main pool be open during construction?

Yes! The main pool is unaffected by construction and will remain open during regular business hours.

What are the hours for the Hanging Lake Pool?

It is available during normal 9am – 9pm operational hours.

Will lifeguards be on duty at The Hanging Lake pool and are children allowed?

Yes, lifeguards will be on duty and children area allowed with their care takers.

Will the Shoshone Chutes be open during construction or Spring Break?

No. The Shoshone Chutes will re-open as soon as the Therapy Pool renovation is complete.

Will the Zero Depth Pool and Grand Fountain be available for children?

Yes.  Both of these amenities will be available for your enjoyment.