Nail Care

It’s more than good grooming; professional nail care is important to your health and wellbeing. Our menu features minerals and botanicals with therapeutic qualities that soothe aching joints and nourish the skin. Add CND Shellac to any manicure or pedicure for just $19. You’ll leave relaxed and looking your best with a professional manicure and pedicure.

Wellness Manicure

(60 min) - $59

Enjoy this natural and hypoallergenic manicure. Begin with a hand soak, followed by an exfoliation of the hands and arms with mineral salts. Mineral gel is then massaged in the hand, fingers, and wrist joints. Next, paraffin is applied to enhance mineral absorption followed by a final application of moisturizing mineral balm. Finish with nail and cuticle shaping, includes quick dry and non-toxic polish application.

Wellness Pedicure

(75 min) - $79

Enjoy this natural and hypoallergenic pedicure. Begin with an aromatic foot soak, followed by a mineral salt exfoliation. Mineral gel is then massaged into the feet and lower legs, before encasing in paraffin to enhance mineral absorption. Mineral balm leaves your feet soft and supple. Finish with nail and cuticle shaping, includes quick dry and non-toxic polish application.

Zents Manicure Ritual

(45 min) - $39

Everything you love about the Zents pedicure, but tailored to your hands and fingernails. Explore a new aroma adventure, choosing from Mandarin, Oolong, Sun, Fresh, Earth and Ore.

Zents Pedicure Ritual

(60 min) - $55

Organic, biodynamic herbs grown in Boulder, Colorado are specially formulated to hydrate and nourish your feet. Choose from a variety of aromatherapy experiences to customize your pedicure. You will be left with perfectly manicured toes and well-nourished feet.

Men's Sport Manicure

(30 min) - $39

Well-groomed and healthy looking hands say a lot about a man. Not only will you look and feel your best, you get to relax and re-energize with our mountain botanicals in our sport manicure. Includes a complete nail treatment.

Men's Sport Pedicure

(45 min) - $49

Improve foot health and relieve stress with our sport pedicure. Exfoliation removes dead skin that has the potential to cause many problems. This is followed by botanical oils that add anti-bacterial protection and finishes with a complete nail treatment.

Polish Change for Fingers

(15 min) - $25

Quick shape and polish

Polish Change for Toes

(15 min) - $29

Quick shape and polish

Paraffin Add-on


For the ultimate in moisturizing, enjoy a hand or foot dip in lavender- or citrus-infused paraffin. 

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