Massage Collection


30/60/90 minutes

This fully customizable treatment offers your choice of Swedish massage to encourage deep relaxation or Deep Tissue massage to release tight muscles. Your massage preference is further enhanced with a personalized selection of therapeutic aroma-wellness oils known to promote beneficial changes in the body and mind resulting in a wellness experience designed just for you.


Hemp Intensive Therapy

60/90 minutes

Improve your overall well-being with this deeply healing therapy that uses 100% organic, whole-plant, activated hemp extract combined with heat packs and customized massage techniques to help reduce inflammation, ease pain and muscle soreness, and calm anxiety and stress.


In the Flow

60/90 minutes

Designed to restore the body’s natural flow of energy, this therapy begins with a stimulating dry brush technique to help exfoliate skin and encourage lymph movement. An exclusive silicone cupping massage based on Traditional Chinese Medicine is combined with an active serum to stimulate detoxification, lymphatic drainage, and improve circulatory blood flow.


Magnesium Wellness

60/90 minutes

Magnesium is responsible for promoting healthy energy levels, sleep, muscle function and overall well-being. This nourishing wellness treatment combines the benefits of dry brushing to promote lymphatic drainage, therapeutic massage, and the power of magnesium to promote detoxification and replenish commonly deficient levels. Warm mineral compressions enhance this therapeutic experience.


Altitude Adjustment

60/90 minutes

High altitude sickness tends to affect visitors at elevations above 5000 feet or 1500 meters. This relaxing full body massage is complimented by Oxygen Inhalation Therapy to relieve the nausea, headaches, and dizziness associated with altitude sickness. You’ll finish with a clear head, ready to enjoy your vacation.



60/90 minutes

Mindfulness is a mental state of well-being achieved by focusing one's awareness on the present moment. This innovative and deeply profound experience infuses your personal selection of a high vibration aromatherapy infusion and the power of Amethyst, Rose and Clear Quartz gemstone massage tools to clear and quiet the mind while addressing physical and emotional barriers to enhance a higher state of personal consciousness.


Vibrant Life

60/90 minutes

This intensely nourishing personalized massage and warm body wrap infuses an unscented arsenal of probiotic peptides and active hydrators that are deeply healing, especially for those with skin sensitivities, pregnancy, auto-immune deficiencies, or are going through health challenges. Relaxation benefits are further enhanced with an oral tonic blend of six biodynamic flower essences known to boost happiness and promote a calm mind.


Peak Performance

60/90 minutes

Boost athletic performance with a massage focused on muscle groups and joints specific to your athletic activity. This treatment incorporates deep tissue work, trigger-point release, and range-of-motion techniques that stretch muscles and introduce pliability to ligaments and tendons. Comfortable, flexible clothing is recommended but not mandatory.


Salt Stone Renewal

90 minutes

This warm salt stone massage integrates Eastern medicine, Swedish massage, thermal therapy, and salt therapies. Using Himalayan crystal salt paired with a grounding evergreen massage oil benefits the body by easing respiration, stimulating circulation, reducing inflammation, calming the nervous system, and soothing sore muscles. A renewing treatment that will increase your overall sense of well-being.


Bamboo Rejuvenation

90 minutes

Known for its healing properties, this massage works at all levels to balance, calm and energize you physically, mentally and spiritually. This rejuvenating massage features warm bamboo wands using varying degrees of pressure to ensure healthy circulation and relief of muscle tension while bringing you into a state of deep relaxation.


Revitalizing Reflexology

30/60 minutes

The entire human body is mapped out based on reflexes in the feet and hands. By using a combination of thumbs, fingers, and the healing properties of gemstone massage tools, your therapist will stimulate the specific reflex zones on your hands and/or feet to ease organ function and increase blood flow.


Power Nap

30 minutes

Sleep deprived? A 30-minute power nap may be just what you need to help improve your mood, increase general alertness, and boost mental performance to get through your day. This experience uses rest-inducing aroma inhalations along with marma massage techniques that when focused on the vital energy points of the head and face, induce deep relaxation to lull you to sleep. A breath of rosemary and peppermint brings you back so you can get on with your day.




15 minutes

After any treatment experience, enjoy some solitude with a little extra time to relax in the comfort of your treatment room. Please request at time of booking to ensure accommodation.


Exfoliating Back Treatment

15 minutes

A deep cleanse for the skin on your back, the skin is prepared for an invigorating exfoliation with mineral-rich salts while soothing hot towels are used to remove excess exfoliant. An excellent enhancement to be enjoyed prior to any massage treatment.


Moor Mud Pack

15 Minutes

Mineral-rich Moor Mud soothes and relieves tired, aching and sore muscles. This 15-minute enhancement maximizes the therapeutic benefits of any massage by adding essential minerals to reduce muscle and joint pain.



Take your massage treatment to next level of personalization. With no additional time commitment, our boosters provide a fully customizable experience based solely on the individual needs of you.


Myofascial Release Tools

An assortment of MFR tools will be used in addition to traditional manual massage techniques to release tension and tightness of muscles, flush out toxins, and to improve overall body movement.


Nourishing Hair Repair

A rich blend of PRO-Vitamin B5, Apricot Kernel Oil and Keratin proteins deeply nourish, repair and strengthen stressed tresses. Wildcrafted warm Lavender Oil is drizzled over the scalp for a healing, soothing scalp massage with acupressure for tension relief. For all hair types, especially color treated, dry, or thinning hair.


Shea Butter Body Quench

A deeply hydrating customized body quench, using rich warm shea butter may be added during any massage to further enhance the experience. Your choice of our Probiotic Body Boost to heal and hydrate or our Age Defying Body Boost with clinically proven paracress that firms and lifts your skin.


Hand and/or Foot Quench

A natural alternative to paraffin, an intensely hydrating, warm shea butter mask is applied to the hands and arms, or feet and legs, then wrapped in warm towels to seal in moisture and protect the skin for lasting hydration and nourished skin.

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