Body Collection

Wellness Soak

30 minutes

Relaxing in a private bath is just what the body needs to bring relief to varying conditions. A selection of therapeutic wellness soaks will be added to your bath addressing your specific needs and concerns. Your customized soak may be enjoyed as a quiet escape on its own, or in addition to any other service to further enhance your spa experience.


Infared Therapy

30 minutes

For a healthier, happier you, surround your body with the proven effects of Solocarbon® Far Infrared Technology. Like a sleeping bag for the soul, our infrared dome heater warms up your body at the core rather than on the skin’s surface. Solocarbon® is the only infrared heater proven to lower blood pressure, increase circulation, induce relaxation, and aid in pain relief.


Wild Honey Steam Wrap

60 minutes

Honey has been used for thousands of years to soothe and rejuvenate skin, and help fight allergies with its natural anti-allergen properties. Your treatment begins with a brief dry brush exfoliation to prepare the skin, followed by organic, locally produced honey is gently fan-brushed over your body. A purifying infrared heat session allows the nectar to absorb and hydrate the skin, while steaming hot towels remove any residue before a honey orange blossom oil is massaged into the skin for further hydration and protection.


Herbal Rain Polish

60 minutes

A creamy, aromatic scrub with chamomile and gentle buffing grains, sweeps away dull surface cells as an invigorating loofah massage stimulates circulation, leaveing the body feeling smooth. A soothing Vichy or Sunflower shower, followed by an application of moisture rich chamomile to hydrate the skin completes this refreshing experience.


Rocky Mountain Mud Wrap

90 minutes

Black Mud, derived from rich botanical materials and thermal mineral water, is legendary for its powerful therapeutic properties. This full body wrap re-mineralizes, soothes and rejuvenates tired muscles and dull skin. An invigorating Vichy or Sunflower shower is followed by a magnesium-rich full body massage.

Upcoming Pool Maintenance Dates

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•  January 16th, 2019

•  March 6th, 2019

•  April 16th - 17th, 2019