Congratulations Kenia Contreras

Kenia Contreras is Glenwood Hot Springs Resort’s newest Devereux Leadership Award Winner.

Since being promoted to Assistant Aquatics Manager, Kenia has stepped up to become an important part of our aquatics team. Even prior to her promotion, Kenia was always willing to come in at a moment’s notice to ensure operations were not hindered. She is eager to learn and happy to assist other departments as our primary night manager on duty and is a mentor to many, always willing to listen and at the same time, coachingand training other staff members. Kenia is a natural leader who consistently looks out for what is best for the company, while also genuinely caring about our employees and guests. She is not afraid to make a decision which has been a big resource and help for situations at night. Kenia is not only eager to do her job to the best of her ability, she is always asking questions and taking the time to learn beyond that position. Chosen for her steady leadership with fellow employees and her kindness towards guests, Assistant Aquatics Manager Kenia Contreras is the resort’s most recent recipient of the Devereux Leadership Award.

The Devereux Award recognizes exemplary leadership qualities such as problem solving, accountability, effective communication style, team building and professionalism. The Devereux Leadership Award is named after Walter Devereux, one of the founding fathers of the Glenwood Hot Springs Resort, and the wealthy mining engineer whose vision it was to create an international geothermal spa destination in Glenwood Springs. Under his leadership, he rallied investors and literally rerouted the mighty Colorado River to open the world’s largest hot springs pool in July 1888. Only those individuals who demonstrate meritorious leadership qualities receive the Devereux Award.

Glenwood Hot Springs Resort Pool Manager Taylor Mays presented Kenia her award. Taylor speaks very highly of Kenia and adds, “It was a pleasure to deliver this well-deserved award to Kenia. Stepping up during a challenging time to lead a team to this level is the embodiment of such an award. I couldn’t be more proud of the direction that this team is headed here at the Glenwood Hot Springs."

Upon accepting this award Kenia very humbly replied, “I am so grateful to be recognized by others and to be awarded the Devereux Leadership Award. It has been a great honor in my new position here, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds."

Congratulations Kenia!!!