Wellness Check-in: Arnica Muscle Cure

Wellness Check-in: Arnica Muscle Cure

Target sore, strained muscles and inflammation with a remedy that has an extensive history of healing. Arnica Muscle Cure is a signature treatment at Spa of the Rockies at Glenwood Hot Springs Resort.

Spa of the Rockies in Glenwood Springs is an award-winning spa. Most recently, it was recently featured in Sunset Magazine’s roundup of 22 Luxury Spa Resorts Worth the Splurge. While opulent surroundings and spa treatments that always offer a little extra are part of what keeps clients coming back, it’s just as essential to provide services with a proven track record of positive outcomes. The Arnica Muscle Cure, a signature experience, is one such treatment.

Giving Lymph a Lift

Lasting a full two hours, the treatment includes a consultation with an experienced, professional therapist. This is the perfect opportunity to discuss personal health issues and provide direction on any areas of the body that require special attention.

Highlights of the Arnica Muscle Cure include dry brushing techniques, which stimulate lymphatic flow and are an important step in assisting the body to remove excess fluids, built-up toxins and accumulated waste materials. Massage enhances the flow of lymph. Unlike the circulatory system, which is powered by a pumping heart, the lymphatic system relies on physical movement like exercise or massage. Stimulating it improves immune function and can help alleviate muscle and joint pain. The dry brushing technique also prepares the body for the application and absorption of healing botanicals.

A+ for Arnica

Known throughout the world for its remarkable healing properties, Arnica montana has been used for centuries to treat soft tissue damage and blunt trauma.  It is a yellow flowering plant common to both Europe and America, sometimes called leopard’s bane or mountain daisy. The application of topical arnica has been used to treat bruising, soreness, inflammation and swelling that results from all types of physical injury. Its anti-inflammatory qualities have also been effective in speeding up post-surgical recovery.

During the Arnica Muscle Cure treatment, the medicinal herb, along with mint, is used as part of a therapeutic full-body massage. For a deeply healing experience, muslin cloths are soaked in a high concentration of an arnica herbal solution. The liniments are then applied to the body and clients are kept warm while the remedy goes to work, alleviating discomfort and stiffness in the muscles and joints.

Add a Dose of Minerals

One of the best universal remedies for healing is soaking in the mineral hot springs. As a signature treatment, the Arnica Muscle Cure also includes access to the resort’s mineral-rich hot springs pools, as well as its Athletic Club, a premier fitness facility with a private hot springs entrance. The heat of the geothermal water, combined with its 15 dissolved minerals, enhance feelings of wellbeing. For maximum benefit, the spa recommends guests arrive early to utilize the hot springs before receiving their Arnica Muscle Cure or other Spa of the Rockies treatment.

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