Masks Required - Helpful Tips, Do's & Don'ts

Facial coverings are designed to protect yourself and others from spreading and contracting Covid 19. Do stay home if you are are feeling ill or exhibiting symptoms. We thank those that are complying with the city/state ordinance and helping to keep our staff and fellow members safe.

Here are some helpful Tips, Do’s and Don’ts:

Do wear a mask or facial shield that covers your mouth and nose at all times.
• A mask or facial shield must stay affixed to your face without the assistance of your hands
• Do bring extra masks with you; keep in your car, gym bag, locker or basket.
• Do use designated masks for workouts, find a mask that best suits your needs i.e. lifting weights or intense cardio. There are many new masks on the market designed for working out!
• Don’t use a towel or t-shirt to cover your face (this is not acceptable).
• Don’t come into the club without a mask or facial shield (entry will be denied).
• Do wear your mask or facial shield inside the club at all times, this includes locker rooms, coming inside from the pool and or going to the pool and wet lounge.
• Do wipe down equipment before and after each use.

We reserve the right to terminate a membership for repeated failure to comply with the city/state mandates and our business plan with No Refunds.

Thanks to all for keeping our facility safe, clean and best of all OPEN!