Indigenous-Inspired Rituals

Walk In the Woods

120 minutes | $270

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Wind down and disconnect from the chaos of daily life as you take in elements of nature through this unique journey for the senses. Breathe in the aroma of local native evergreens, proven to boost immune function and reduce stress, as an exclusive massage using a combination of warmed sticks and stones promotes healthy circulation by soothing sore muscles.

As a healing red clay wrap envelops you, wildcrafted warm lavender & orange blossom oil is drizzled over the hair for a comforting scalp treatment with acupressure tension relief to encourage deep relaxation.

An invigorating Vichy rain shower followed by a refreshing mist of forest bark tonic brings balance back to the body, before an application of a whipped calendula crème restores vitality to tired, dull skin. Emerge from this serene experience with an improved mood and overall mental clarity, just being in the present moment.

Native Awakening

120 minutes | $270

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Taking inspiration from Native American culture and purification ceremonies, this experience represents different phases of ritual "sweats" and indigenous traditions to heal and purify the mind, body, and soul. Your journey begins with a rhythmic tapotement of willow branches to awaken the body before a mask of crushed corn and clay is painted onto the skin to absorb toxins and eliminate impurities.

While heated basalt rocks rest beneath you, a dry swaddling introduces a cleansing ritual to bring profound introspection and connection from within.

Emerging from your full body wrap, Ayate Cloths slough away old intentions to reveal cleansed and nourished skin.

Medicinal herbal compresses infused with the healing benefits of spearmint and Echinacea are applied to the body, alleviating inflammation and muscle tension while calming the nerves. A full body hydrating massage, using a combination of cool fluorite stones to help release negative energy and open the mind to a state of peaceful clarity, and sage essential oil to bring a renewed breath of life to the soul.


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